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Works by Kris Abrigo

After being a mural painter and transforming interior spaces for years now, I’ve been craving to do functional design. I wanted to be challenged on a different medium and touch a different physical experience of humanity. In addition to outfitting interiors, I also think design can provide welcome respite in trying times like the present crisis.

Living with our pets (two cats) during quarantine inspired me to create things that can literally touch a person emotionally and sensorially. The past 3 months made me realise the importance of living in a space that inspires you. When you live in a home with more organic shapes on it, it is easier to breath. The human response to such warm compositions and juvenile forms alter the way we feel in a space, helping to reduce stress and anxiety.

For this show, my main goal is to diversify the common forms that I used to do. Designs become less rectilinear and more free. Hard angles are paired with organic strokes, softening the geometric works. These playful and awkwardly cute things are reflective of quality times with my pets as well as the virtues of my youth and childhood. With my objects, I try to inject a little bit of humour and positive energies from my cats.

The exhibition design is itself, accentuates the calming effects of the objects on view. An inviting and smile-inducing display is created by adding traditional canvases and a mural of angular and rounded edges with warmer colors. These traits in organic design tame and melt us in the way we view, experience and appreciate the form, color, and movement of mundane objects.

Personal stories live in our objects. Every object is a continuation of its creator. Art is shaped like the time you’re in and you’re born into. I think, it is an artist’s duty to be highly perceptive of the surroundings in order to shape its works despite the overload of online inspos.


2241 La Fuerza 1, Chino Roces Avenue Makati Philippines


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