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Entitled “O.T.” abbreviation for “overtime” or working beyond the prescribed eight hours, the concept for this exhibit fuses the Flores de Mayo (Flowers of May), a Catholic festival celebrating the Virgin Mary, with Mayo Uno (Labor Day) as an ode to Filipina labor.

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Breathing Space

It has been more than a year since the imposition of the community lockdown, even shifting from different titles such as community quarantine to bubbles, regardless of what label it goes under, one cannot omit the fact that after all the months that passed, we were still restricted to the confines of our spaces.

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Nothing but net

From the point where the timer clocks in, everything is not merely a game anymore. From outbound to inbound, bouncing from court side to the other, players not only aim to score but to also last all throughout. With every basket made, the struggle permeates both the defensive and the offensive as well. Last few seconds left from the running time, lock and loaded with a last gamble. Takes the shot. Nothing but net.

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Enclaved Configurations

Paolo Torres’ works embodies the process of construction, deconstruction and reconstruction portrayed through layered surfaces that produce textured images. Each layer is blanketed with tinges of white surfaces in between his heavily colored characters that created a surface tarnished by a veil of smoke. The familiar expression on his characters sort of converse with the viewers, an invitation to ask themselves “Do we feel the same way?”

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