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Fiat Lux

“And God said, ‘let there be light’ and there was light. And God saw the light was good, and He separated the light from the darkness” – Genesis 1:3-4. Most of us are familiar with the phrase Fiat Lux, or “let there be light”, a verse quoted from the bible portraying the instance of light’s creation and separated everything else from the void of darkness. This religious context allegorically conveys the importance of light to all that exist. Most often, we associate light to the birth of life, from the instance that newborn babies opened their eyes, the sunrise that marks a new day, to the tiny flame ignited on a matchstick that illuminates a dark room. Light radiates to all sorts of interpretations associated to beginning.

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Trash Talk

Magazines, exhibit invitations, brochures, manuals, posters, packaging box, standee, t-shirts, tetra pak, plastic packaging, books, comics, tissue, plate, candle, trophy, cake stand, calling cards, dried paints, epoxy, etc. It’ s not literally what the title says to it. Techniques & style differentiate its eagerness to speak in its visual elements. Upcycling method & process is present. The sub – culture, attitude itself is beyond obvious. Limitless ideas are thrown away to manifest & summed it up to the vivid eyes it can be digested thru the ugliness & beauty of changes in characteristics.

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What We Are

‘What We Are’ explores the frailty of human identities; how every person is an outcome of their circumstances, and how the perpetual cycle of events in our lives confine us in a state of constant growth and change.

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Hope And Dreams In Open Fields

In Hopes and Dreams in Open Fields, Alexander Lim unleashes the power of painting to visually portray enigmatic scenarios. Perhaps inspired by the constant presence of plant life on social media and possibly his own surroundings, he coaxes new meaning into invented shapes and forms spawned on his canvases, his imagined creations appearing strange and mysterious, yet imbued with a slight sense of playfulness and wry humor. Cryptic texts are interspersed with daubs and drips of pigment, with some words crossed out and replaced to express hesitation and blurry spots of communication when the eagerness to spew one’s thoughts sometimes leads to tripping all over one’s self with second guessing and self-judgment.

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