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Excoriation is a show of growth. The audience deserves a better showing every time. With that in mind, the painting process is paramount. Every show, the evolved decisions are on display. Every move has a history of small decisions that contribute to the finished work.

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A massive system is a collection of different smaller components, and more often these pieces are also systems within themselves that were made to be operated by more minute elements. With this, we may determine that however diminutive an element within the entirety of the whole, it’s actuality is of the same importance as the other larger parts.

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The Light We Can’t Unsee

A certain action causes a specific reaction and most likely, all of the elements within the scheme were deemed to be responsible for the probable outcome of it, whether they were in motion or chose to remain in statis. Within a system there will always be opposing ideologies, and these beliefs, once synthesized becomes a concrete approach. Yet many believed that every system is destined to crumble, for all men are corrupted.

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Divergent Reflections

Art defies all boundaries. It is both inclusive and exclusive. Amy be seen as a status symbol for the elites, while on the other hand, emanation of voices of the masses. In the country, there have been a couple of art movements here and there, and we may say that the vibrant journey of art in the Philippines came a long way.

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