Broken White Project: Parallel Margins

Broken White Project: Parallel Margins, an exhibition featuring six Indonesian artists, organized in collaboration with Ace House Collective. ‘Broken White Project’ is an initiative by Yogyakarta-based artists-run Ace House Collective, focusing on dialogues related to the creation of ideas and artworks, fostering creative processes through a collective work style. These dialogues, networking, and spatial partnerships with artists are an effort to find a methodological framework and to discover a formula for nurturing the creative process of artists and sustaining their artistic works.

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Tender Loving Paradise

Some may think of paradise as an absolute ideal. A biblical, social, or spiritual haven housing all our notions of ultimate peace and happiness. In her works, Marilou Solano conceives a paradise painted in a more personal light – vast, curious, and altogether brimming with a gentle warmth.

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Group Exhibition featuring the works of Iori Espiritu, Koki Lxx, Ella Mendoza, Marco Rosario, Ness Sheen and Jezzel Wee SHARE ON SOCIAL MEDIA: For a

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