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This installation is a machine for processing these memories. It’s a vessel for collecting/remixing them in tactile form: specifically vinyl containing music from the past century. I sort different records and manipulate/truncate select parts, by cutting them or by affixing materials to interfere directly with their surfaces.

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Make Mistakes

This is a collection of f*ck ups: where failures become fuel, wounds blossom into new worlds, and missteps merge into one beautiful dance. It’s like being in a fun and chaotic party, falling over the place and remembering vibrant bits and pieces of what transpired. And even if the last call rolls around, you can be happier sporting some bruises than to have done nothing at all. Because as you keep growing and not just grow old, it’s the wrong things that make everything alright.

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Body of Work

The body, figured and disfigured, remains to be a favored and celebrated subject in the visual arts. Both artists become more familiar and aware of their own body and, as a result, they acknowledge how the body is actually linked to oneself, perhaps an extension of something that has no shape or no form but not until they paint it on canvas. Both bodies are a work in progress.

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In the 3rd dimension we inhabit, a myriad of aspects affect the way we exist. For instance how we perceive the dimension as to how macular signals were interpreted by our brains which is in the second dimension. For humans to exist in the plane of reality, we move within this so-called space. This movement is causal to the relationship between time and space.

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