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We are Animals

Just a normal Sunday, a typical day just like the previous ones, so it may seem. Brewing from the 8th of November 2020 up until it reached its peak on the 11th, a category 4-equivalent typhoon entered the vicinity of the Philippines, typhoon Ulysses with whipping destructive winds and massive rain fall left areas submerged in flood.

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In his 8th solo exhibition Catastropic Paradise, Borja plays with the notion of the bipolar nature of living in the Philippines. For others it is a living and breathing paradise, and on another level, a cesspool of greed and corruption.

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Nonlinear Interactions

This year, INTERACT collaboration from February 2019 takes a different form: distant, reserved, anxious, longing, hesitant, uncertain, but still reaching out. Space is not an emptiness but a distance that connects. Time is not absence but an interval that harmonizes.

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There’s a kind of stillness in silence that one doesn’t dare interrupt with the utterance of words, but one accompanies with one’s breathing. This rhythmic flow of one’s breath pattern is inevitably interrupted by sound or sudden movement.

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The event Kalsada, a symbol of life, features the elements of Filipino street culture and evolution of art toys into one.

Art Toys PH in collaboration with Vinyl on Vinyl created this exhibit for collectors and enthusiasts the need to get back to their roots, to look back on what childhood used to be like, to take a break from the modern world, and to carry on the value of street culture onto the next generation.

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