The labor that we speak of is not one that confines itself to childbirth but rather, a central component of a mother’s sense of self and understanding of the world.

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The condition of a garden’s existence is dependent on its caretakers–the devotion to growth and survival is necessary. From a spattering of seeds to defining plants of all shapes and sizes, emotive flowers in pots, trees rooted to the earth, fields of grass, and wilting symbols in glass jars and skeletal frames, the garden serves to make life possible for others: insects, birds, and among others, human beings. As a metaphor, it serves as a microcosm of the individual’s experience of life, as one is affected by their respective environment.

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Middle Child

Middle, referring to the in-between, represents a sort of precarity and insecurity. This state, in contrast, also refers to the center – center of attention, center of familiarity, center of thought. In Van Tuico’s new set of works, he parallels the idea of the middle in birth order with innocence and play as in child-like. As an artist who mostly works with readymade incorporated with industrial materials such as concrete or metal, his new assemblages conjure more familiar feelings and memories activated through the use of inexpensive toys.

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Life, Lately

CHNO’s solo show “Life, Lately” explores the ever-evolving relationship between humans and technology. Through his art, CHNO captures the juxtaposition between the physical and digital worlds, and how they intersect. His paintings / works , which appear to be pixelated and computerized, are a visual representation of the metaverse, illustrating the power of artificial intelligence and its effect on our lives.

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