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Vinyl on Vinyl is dedicated to featuring artists seeking a venue to showcase and explore their craft amidst the surplus of conventional art forms.

The gallery was established in 2009, borne out of the desire to bring greater awareness of and appreciation for what was then an underground culture. Its mission was to bring local artists to international shows and to locally exhibit peripheral art forms often
rejected by the mainstream. Its name recalls its beginnings, dealing vinyl records and art toys, and today still aims to periodically celebrate its musical history by presenting sound art within its programming.

Vinyl on Vinyl’s evolution has built a representation of artistic practices revolving around pop surrealism, after-modernism, post-internet, kinetic art, underground and street art, along with other emerging and unexplored genres. The gallery is interested in creative experimentation, its artists making work that involve unconventional techniques:
damaging and reusing canvas, social media as performance art, manipulated video and photography, soft sculpture installations, massive origami forms, and other methodology by movements that defy classification or are yet unlabeled.

Through the years, the gallery has developed artists’ careers and solidified its unique identity. Having grown bigger than itself, it continues to influence the course of Philippine art history by opening up new genres, taking intuitive risks, and pushing the boundaries
that redefine art.



Established alongside Vinyl on Vinyl Gallery, VOV Studio is a collaborative exploration between client and artist that goes beyond the white walls of the gallery.  
With a focused vision rooted in both the essence of the local art industry and the current international creative climate, an internationally and nationally acclaimed roster of artists, and a dedicated team behind the scenes, the studio aims to create and bring to life inventive, boundary-pushing works of art that inspires, challenges and questions. Our projects cover a wide variety of channels, from producing large scale murals, art installations, and artist toys, to special exhibitions, events, workshops, and pop-ups. With all that, VOV Studio aims to bring contemporary art to a broader audience, all in the greater vision of creating a space that inspires a better community. 

We hold consultations that help connect client with creatives and make the search for artists that are tailor fit to their needs easier. For more information on Vinyl on Vinyl Studio, email us at [email protected].

Vov Studio

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