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Never Leave Behind

For Bembol Dela Cruz and Ranelle Dial, the open road is an invitation not merely to escape the confinement of domesticity but to explore notions of self that are expressed only through movement, whether one is relying on a pair of good legs or astride in a vehicle, the wind whipping the hair, the world rushing past in a blur. This network of roads, alleys, and makeshift paths only gets activated when people use them. Otherwise, they are vacant spaces of concrete, asphalt, and dirt, inert like the veins through which no blood flows.

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Nihilist Meme 2

Is this everything only a god’s
(burned out, streamed out, sprayed out)
Foolish thoughts, shimmering vehicles, in which
youth’s dumb green fields come back again

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The Hooman Experience

In a time when we are challenged to keep only the most essential for survival, what is the purpose of art? The exhibition reflects upon the human body and mind as it bears witness to experiences that challenge its limitations. Using popular media as a vehicle to encourage engagement, the artists aim to take a closer, deeper look on what it really takes to be human in an especially tough time — one that is dominated by quick ‘add to cart’ fixes, social media high, and candy-coated memes.

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Enclaved Configurations

Paolo Torres’ works embodies the process of construction, deconstruction and reconstruction portrayed through layered surfaces that produce textured images. Each layer is blanketed with tinges of white surfaces in between his heavily colored characters that created a surface tarnished by a veil of smoke. The familiar expression on his characters sort of converse with the viewers, an invitation to ask themselves “Do we feel the same way?”

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